In The Kitchen: Oreo Brownie Cheesecake Delight

What happens when you browse food blogs at midnight?

You get a craving, obviously. And not a light one, for that matter. You scroll by a photo of triple decker sinful red velvet brownie goodness, and the craving takes root.

There isn’t much of a recipe to this, since the original post was less bake-from-scratch and more instant gratification than I would normally like.

Brownie oreo cream cheese chocolate chips

An experiment

Yep. It looks pretty damn disgusting, I’ll give you that. Instead on letting the focus be the red velvet (which is really food colouring at the end of the day), we just went straight to the brownie mix. Betty Crocker, of course, because if you’re going for box brownies why not get the best.

-1 packet brownie mix (and whatever else the mix requires)
-Cream cheese
-Chocolate to melt over the top (or whatever candy melt the original recipe suggests)
-Mini chocolate chips

Now, there’s no need to do any of these things in the same way we did. We just went with whatever we had. The bottom layer of brownie was taken out a few minutes before fully cooked because I personally prefer my brownies a little fudgey. Instead of putting all the oreos straight into a processor, we took out the insides (none of us like the insides of oreos), and then pounded the oreos into submission.

Once you’ve got those crumbly oreos, you mix in the cream cheese. This forms the oreo truffle layer. I have no clue why it’s called that, but let’s just go with it. So once your brownie is cooled a little, you smear that oreo cream cheese mess right on top of it. And trust me, you’re going to want this layer.

Brownie oreo truffle chocolate chip

Whatever you decide to put on top of the oreo layer is up to you, really. You could melt white chocolate and colour it like a rainbow if you so wish. I just had plain milk chocolate buttons laying around so I melted those down and drizzled it generously over the top before I sprinkled on the chocolate chips. That is pretty much the entire recipe!

The best thing about this, is that by the time we were done with all the layers, the whole mess looked way too indulgent to be inviting. We tried a piece each, of course – cut off all 4 corners – and ended up pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed this. The secret is the oreo cream cheese layer. The slight saltiness of the cream cheese is a much-needed break from all the gooey chocolate. All I have to say, is that sharing is caring. There is no way a single person will (want to) finish this, so even if the urge to keep this amazing treat to yourself is tempting, let everyone else help you devour it. You’ll be glad for your health later.


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