Travel Diary: Cape Town

We took a family trip to Cape Town at the start of 2011, before I left to study abroad. Here are some of the pictures from that holiday. 99% of the shots I have were taken on my phone and didn’t turn out half as good as I wanted them to, so here are just a few that made the cut.

Table Mountain Cape Town A random shot walking along the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

If you were wondering, Table Mountain is that flat-ish mountain in Cape Town that you’ve probably seen in pictures. After a certain time of the day (they close the mountain off to visitors, obviously) if there’s enough humidity, the clouds form low enough that they look like they’re rolling off the mountain top.

Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa View from the top of Table Mountain

table mountain south africa cape town

table mountain south africa

Table Mountain Cape Town The clouds rolling off Table Mountain

beach cape town south africa

We stopped by for lunch at this place with a quiet little beach. The water was such a gorgeous colour.

Below is a view of the V&A Waterfront we frequented a lot.

V&A waterfront cape town south africa

cape town south africa

cape of good hope south africa

Ostrich Cape of Good Hope Cape Town Met a few animals along the way to the Cape of Good Hope

The rest of the trip included a visit to Robben Island prison (which I highly recommend), more vineyards, and lots of eating. South Africa is a good place to get steak, and we were staying near the V&A Waterfront which had a great range of seafood.


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